The highest standard of bulding


International Longbridge Group, representing capital from Israel, consists of companies executing real estate investment projects.

We are in charge of creating modern housing estates, whose main assets are great location, classic and elegant architecture, highest quality of materials and comfortable layouts of apartments.

Thanks to a combination of our professionalism and the level of our contractors (including main contractor) we are able to achieve our goal: high standard at accessible price.

Longbridge Group is distinguished by utter most care for the Client and fulfilling his expectations. That is why apart from presenting ready-made offers, we also create individual offers, adjusted do the needs of specific buyers.

In our offices, Clients receive professional and efficient service as well as fully-secured transactions and in case it is needed – also financial advise. Throughout the whole designing process we keep in mind the future residents, aiming to make their ideas come true.

At present Longbridge Group is concentrating on executing projects in the largest cities of Poland. Among our resources there are a few plots of land which we have purchased for investments from our own funds in the recent years.

Longbridge is an experienced development company known for housing projects in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. The main advantages of Longbridge projects are classic architecture, functionality, high standard of building, comfortable spatial layouts and great location. The company's portfolio includes investments, among others, in Warsaw, Pruszków, Poznań and Wrocław. Projects in Szczecin and Bydgoszcz are also under preparation

Since 2015 we have been an accredited member of the Polish Developers’ Association.

Our awards

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